AiS 21: Getting Started

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Each member of the panel got started in software because of something inside them. Some of us had a love of mathematics, some of us understood data, and some felt compelled in mysterious ways. Whatever drew us to software, we knew we had to follow.

Having found our calling, we've each taught ourselves the skills that we need day-to-day. We recognized that neither school nor employer is responsible for our training. We cracked books, installed compilers, and searched the web for the information we needed.

This path is a common one. It is still the way that most people find their way into computer programming. Formal training in software is not necessary. Some of the best programmers have been trained in accounting, electrical engineering, music, or mathematics. Many programmers get into software via other jobs, such as data entry, media, or support.

However you get here, it's not about the money. It's about the love.

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