Itzben on NuGet

Do you need a Silverlight or Windows Phone 7 TextBox to update on every key? Do you need to data bind a visual state or a set of radio buttons to an enumeration? How about making a control visible whenever a property is equal to a certain value?

Itzben is a collection of universally useful XAML behaviors, value converters, and styles. Open the Assets tab in Blend and drag them onto your art board.


There are four ways to enjoy Itzben.

NuGet Powershell

Just open the NuGet Package Manager Console and type:

install-package itzben

Or if you are in a Windows Phone 7 project:

install-package itzbenwp7

NuGet Dialog

Don’t do Powershell? Just Add Library Package Reference:


Zip file

Don’t want to install NuGet? Just download the zip file from Codeplex. Find the Itzben.dll for your project type.

Source code

Don’t want to take a dependency on a third-party library? I’m with you. Every Itzben class is self-contained. Just go to the Codeplex Source Code page, pick the class you want, and copy it directly into your project.


Please enjoy this collection. It was created as a way to stop writing the same code in every project. And if you have a behavior, value converter, or style that you find universally useful, please open an issue and we’ll include your patch.

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