Victory at the ODC


  • Kurt Guenther, Infusion
  • Me, Team Strongbad
  • Derek Sanderson, Team Strongbad
  • Ricky Ma, Team Strongbad
  • Rajesh Jha, Microsoft

Photo credit: Paul Raven

3 Responses to “Victory at the ODC”

  1. Charles Martin Says:

    Awesome pic! Definitely something for the scrapbook

  2. Catto Says:

    Hey Now Micheal,

    That is really great, congrats again!

  3. Derek Sanderson Says:

    Boy do I look tired...

    Remember the first night in Dallas at the go-kart track, before they assigned teams? You were talking to me for your podcast and you said "I hope you're on my team?"

    Funny that it worked out that way. I have to say I got lucky having you on mine. Although we had some stumbling blocks along the way, your cool-headed attitude and great presentation skills were a huge strength for us.


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