Not At PDC

I was saddened when I was unable to attend PDC this year. One project is winding down, we're staffing up for the next, and I cannot be spared at this particular time. I was not present when Scott Hanselman dragged and dropped his way through a data binding demo. Nevertheless, I was groaning from afar.

I did, however, have the chance to participate in the Not@PDC conference. It was quickly organized via Twitter and blogs to be an online get together for folks who were not lucky enough to be in LA. (Lucky to be in LA? Did I really say that?) It turned out to be a wonderful substitute. OK, not really a substitute; more like consolation.

I presented Data Binding Without INotifyPropertyChanged, a 70-minute demo of Update Controls in WPF, Winforms, and Silverlight. In the video, I show you the most awesome application ever: Microsoft Excel. Excel is awesome because you can use the MVVM pattern. It's true.

As you watch, please forgive the poor video quality and even poorer jokes. I'll be polishing the demo and taking it on the road. My first stop will hopefully be the North Dallas .NET Users' Group. I'll keep you posted.

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