How to Make the MacBook Pro Trackpad Less Jumpy

To right-click on the MacBook Pro, you put two fingers on the trackpad, then click. To scroll, you put two fingers on the trackpad and move up or down. In Visual Studio, the scrolling is extremely sensitive. When you try to right-click something, it often scrolls out from underneath the mouse. You end up right-clicking on something else entirely.

It seems that the problem is related to the horizontal motion rather than the vertical. If you reduce the number of lines that the mouse rocker moves left and right, the problem subsides. But the Mouse control panel applet won’t let you set this value to zero, so you can’t make it go away entirely.

Unless you hack the registry.

Download the attached file, examine it to make sure you understand what it does, then merge it into your registry. Reboot, and you will be able to right-click without the jumpiness.

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