WordPress got it right

I have just moved the Adventures in Software blog to its own domain. In this process, I had to install Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Each of those steps involved much arcania and Googling for answers before I found success. The community that has formed around these tools is great, but they are no substitute for straightforward information from the product vendor.

But when I got to the WordPress install step, I was pleasently surprised. All the information I needed was on one page. All of the configuration was in one file. The authors of WordPress have really though through the setup experience. They got it right.

Once installed, I though that I was in for a lot of copy and paste. Here again I was pleasently surprised. The forward thinking authors even provided a mechanism for porting my Blogger.com posts into my WordPress database. All I did was click a link, enter my Blogger.com user ID and password, and watch in awe as it did all the work right there in my browser.

Kudos to Ryan Boren, Matt Mullenweg, and all of the other people who make this possible. I just hope that my software can be as thoughtful as yours.

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