Update from the ODC

I am currently at the Microsoft Office Developer's Conference in San Jose. My team won admission to the conference and the chance to compete in the national Infusion Sleepless SharePoint competition.

We coded all night Saturday into Sunday, then took a bus to San Jose for the ODC. We presented our solution last night in front of a crowd of attendees. We learn the results of the judging this morning at the keynote. I feel our team did very well.

I am learning tons of useful information about the SharePoint product and the ecosystem. The main thing that I was looking for was how to make SharePoint development a repeatable process. I found a breakout session by Andrew Connell that demonstrated exactly that.

Microsoft hasn’t had time to get their tools and documentation in order around SharePoint development, because the explosion of the platform caught them by surprise. But Andrew showed us how Microsoft does SharePoint development internally without strong tool support. Now I believe I can replicate the process.

The highlight of the trip was the Bill Gates keynote. I had the opportunity to ask him "What is the next killer app?" You'll hear his response - and the results of the contest - in the upcoming podcast.

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  1. Charles Martin Says:

    Good Luck! Any swag you want to give away will gladly find a home in my office. :)

  2. Catto Says:

    Hey Now Micheal,
    Sounds great, looking forward to hear the pod. AC is really good too, I've seen him present before & subscribe to his blog.
    thx 4 the info,

  3. Mikes Wife..... Says:


    Send an update...... PLEASSSSSSE!


  4. AC [MVP MOSS] Says:

    Glad you liked the talk! There's more info on this subject on my blog as well if you are looking for more reading.

  5. flex guy Says:

    Thanks for the information. For me it is the helpful information. I did not know about it

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