AiS 40: Microsoft Office Developers Conference

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Derek, Ricky, and I attended the Office Developers Conference in San Jose, CA. There we competed in the national Infusion Sleepless SharePoint Developer's Competition. After the all-night coding competition, we enjoyed the ODC.

At the Bill Gates keynote, I had the opportunity to ask "What is the next killer app?" The answer was that it is not one app as it has been in the past, but the ability to quickly develop custom applications. I agree completely.

We presented our solution during the ODC, with Rock Band playing in the background. Even though we didn't have all the pieces working perfectly, our story really came together. We presented our solution with confidence, and the judges seemed genuinely impressed.

During the keynotes of the second day, they announced the winners. Apparently the judges were impressed, because team Strongbad took the grand prize! We had the rest of the ODC to celebrate our victory, learn even more about SharePoint, and play some Rock Band.

If I ever have the opportunity to compete in this kind of event again, I'll jump at it. The skills I learned and the peopleĀ I met will stay with me for a long time. Winning is just icing.

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  1. Catto Says:

    Hey Now Michael,
    Congrats! I'm about to listen to the pod now. I'm so glad to hear that you'r team won.

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