AiS 18: Project Management

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Berkun, Scott. The Art of Project Management

Project Management Institute

We invided Handmark project manager Allen Davis to join the panel in this week's discussion. What's the most important skill that a project manager has? Is it planning? Giving power-point presentations? Working with Microsoft Project? No, it's facilitating communication. The project manager usually does not have the authority to make a project team do what they need to. Force doesn't work. So he sometimes has to rely on persuasion to keep the project moving. He has to communicate with development, infrastructure, business analysis, and management teams, and to help those teams to communicate with each other.

What's the most important thing that a project manager brings to the team? A schedule? A methodology? Donuts? No, it's a vision. Sometimes he has to give that vision out a little at a time. Sometimes he has to share more of it with some team members than with others. But the project vision more than anything keeps the team members motivated to work together and to give their best efforts. And it is a standard, better than any Gantt chart, against which progress can be measured.

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