Correspondence preview drop

It is with pride (and not a little fear) that I release a preview of Correspondence. Please download and follow along with the discussion.

The preview drop includes the bug tracker sample model that we've been building over the past month. It also includes a unit test that exercises that model using the Postgres storage strategy. I have not yet decided on a license model for the Correspondence library itself. As it is now, it is not yet suitable for production use. So the library is provided for demonstration purposes only, without warrantee, and without license for use in any product or derived work.

The contents of the zip file are an Eclipse project. My preferred distribution of Eclipse is Ganymede, which is ideally suited to building web applications. If you are not an Eclipse user, you can port the project to your environment of choice. I have not included an Ant script, but feel free to do so if that's how you work.

You will have to install Postgres to run the test. Please drop the postgresql jar file in the lib folder and update the reference in bugtracker_model_test. You will then need to run the correspondence.sql script to build the Correspondence database. I could have used the in-memory storage strategy, but I thought you would get more out of seeing an actual working database.

Please give this preview a try and let me know how it goes. This will allow us to continue the conversation about Correspondence by exchanging working source code. Enjoy!

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