You are Invited to a Talk Cast

Please sign up for a TalkShoe account, then come join me for a talk cast. We will start on Monday, November 20, at 9 PM Central (GMT-6). I'll host a 20-30 minute show every Monday, and post the high-quality audio for listening on-line or downloading for later.

This week, we will discuss user interface design. We will draw from Alan Cooper's book and personal experience. Come participate.

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  1. Charles Martin Says:

    Here is a link to Alan's website and his book offerings:

  2. Charles Martin Says:

    Great job on the TalkShoe net cast, Michael. Very interesting and well moderated.

    By the way, Hamachi doesn't have a beautiful simple client for the Mac OS; instead it is a console application. So I may wait on it until it becomes a full fledged Mac app.

    I'm also going to keep an eye out for any of those books by Alan Cooper. I think it may prove useful in other projects as well. :)

  3. Michael L Perry Says:

    Thanks for joining me on the show, Charles. I hope you don't mind being credited as "special guest" on the intro and show notes :). The podcast is now on-line at

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