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Second Wind The “We Are Microsoft” charity coding weekend is an opportunity for developers to donate their time to local charities. It is organized primarily by Toi Wright. Matt Lagrotte of Verio has graciously provided web hosting for all of the charities. Without their support, and the support of Microsoft and other sponsors, 20 charities would go without the IT support that they need.

Our charity is Second Wind Dallas. They find sponsors for local families in need. Schools identify those families, and a committee determines which sponsor will adopt which family. Several volunteers coordinate the communications among schools, families, and sponsors. Right now, the system is run completely by phone, email, and Excel. They need help.

We are building an online database to coordinate this information. Volunteer assignments, family referrals, and sponsor adoptions all change year after year. As a result, we are developing this as a historic model.

The primary function of the site is data entry. An administrator will set up the volunteer, school, family, and sponsor records. They will manage the assignments of volunteers to schools, the school referrals of families, and the adoption of families by sponsors.

The secondary function of the site is notification. A volunteer will be reminded to contact sponsors for donations. They will pick up those donations at the school and deliver them to the families. They will be reminded to send a thank you to each sponsor for those donations.

We are building this system using ASP .NET Web Forms, SQL Server 2005, and Entity Framework. We will have it done within the next 48 hours. And when we are done, Second Wind will have a much more manageable process.

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