AiS 39: Infusion Sleepless Roadshow

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The Infusion Sleepless Roadshow was an intense weekend of SharePoint training and competition. It was a thrill to participate.

I'd like to thank Infusion for presenting the event, and Microsoft for being a fantastic host. In particular, from Infusion:

Sheldon Fernandez
Nadeem Mitha
Devon Jones
Rory Richardson

And from Microsoft:

Zain Naboulsi
Chris Koenig

And special thanks to my teammates:

Derek Sanderson
Ricky Ma

5 Responses to “AiS 39: Infusion Sleepless Roadshow”

  1. Catto Says:

    Hey Now Michael,
    It sure was a stellar weekend. Good luck in Cali! Your podcast is really great, it's playing now I've only heard the first part but its sound good. I know we talked about listening to DNR. This was some good content for a podcast, I'm so glad you published it.
    Nice 2 meet you,

  2. kellygreer1 Says:

    Hey Michael, how do we contact you with questions? I didn't see an email address or 'contact me' form. I have a question about your RSS feed and Wordpress.


  3. Joseph Fluckiger Says:

    This audio provides great insight into the Sleepless in Dallas event. Thanks for posting it. It really was a crazy cool weekend!

    Hey Michael, congrats on the win by the way you are the man! We got 2nd place barely, but your team was great and deserve the win. I look forward to hearing about your San Jose competition.

    The audio is hilarious at 27:35 with the blue screen of death and the keyboard beeping while Derek bangs on the keyboard! ha ha.

    Here is my post on the event:

    Question, how did you record all that audio? what device did you use?

  4. Michael L Perry Says:

    Hey Joseph,

    Yeah it was a blast. And the ODC was fun as well. I'm currently working on the audio of the finals.

    I recorded everything with an Olympus voice recorder. I could have gotten much better sound quality out of a more expensive device, but I'm doing this for the love. For the finals, I experimented with an external microphone, which helped just a little.

  5. MOSS Groupie Says:


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