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Most of us have side projects going on at home. These help us to hone our skills and learn new technologies, as well as to explore other domains that catch our interest. Sometimes our hours spent at night and on the weekend are an effort to get out of our day job. Software professionals tend to be software hobbiests.

Whether your side project is your cubicle escape strategy or just for fun, you should create your own source code repository. Obvoius benefits include a backup of your work, a log of changes, access to past revisions, and portability between machines. Just running VSS on your desktop machine can satisfy these needs. But I recommend that you take it one step further. Put your source code repository out on the Internet so that your friends can share your code.

I use SVN Repository to host all of my side projects (I have three going right now). Their small business plan runs me $7.00 a month and gives me all the services I need. Sure, I run a small business, but this plan is good for individuals too.

If you want to have show-and-tell in the office, you can quickly add an account for each of your friends. They will be able to browse the code from the web, or download it using an SVN client like Tortoise SVN or Subclipse. One of my friends was so intrigued by the show-and-tell that he offered to contribute to the project. Hosting the repository online made this possible, where a local VSS database would have been difficult to share.

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