iPod jukebox, please?

I love my iPod. And I'm certainly looking forward to the new iPod touch. But it appears that it is missing a feature that I use often on my fifth generation. Any iPhone owners reading this want to confirm?

I use the on-the-go playlist to queue up songs based on my mood. You can hold the center button to add a song, album, or even another playlist to the on-the-go playlist. And you can do this while the on-the-go playlist is playing. So it works like a queue.

But think about the UI for this. I browse my library for the first song, hold the center button until it flashes, the go out, out, out, into the playlists, into the on-the-go playlist, and pick the first song (the one I just picked from the library). Only then does it start playing. Now I go out, out, and back to my library to add more songs. From this point on, it works as I would like it to, but it took quite a bit of excise to get started.

So why doesn't the on-the-go playlist just start playing after the first song is added? In fact, why not just add the current song to the playlist if I select the next one. That would make my iPod work like a jukebox: the current song finishes before it starts my next selection. That would keep me in my music-listening mood instead of forcing me to think about the UI.

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