AiS 19: Engineering Processes

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Carl Honore, author of In Praise of Slowness. Less is More

The goal of any engineering process is to get a group of people on a complex project to work together. But the process should be as simple as possible. The process should never itself become the goal.

The process should facilitate communication. Put gates into the process in those places where information is handed off from one individual or team to another. The process should also promote progress. Give people ownership, responsibility, and the right to say "no". This empowers them and gives them pride in their work.

The key features of the Handmark Server Process are:

  1. Define use cases to extract requirements.
  2. Create an implementation plan to decide what needs to be done to implement the use cases.
  3. Track changes in order to build a deployment plan.
  4. Aggregate the changes to produce a build.
  5. Review the build in operations prior to deployment to ensure that it is re-runnable.

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