Phones are weird

I work in the industry, so I can say it. Phones are weird.

Have you noticed that the iPhone plans have unlimited data, but a limited number of SMS messages? Don't they realize that we can just use web-based IM?

Have you noticed that a song in iTunes costs $0.99, while a piece of a song in a ringtones WAP deck costs $2-$5? Don't they realize that we can just drop an mp3 file in the right folder?

Have you ever called someone intending to leave a voice mail, only to have them pick up? Shouldn't we be able to choose to record a message rather than wait for the phone to ring four times and to listen to the greeting?

Have you noticed that you need a special app to get YouTube content on the iPhone? Isn't that a full version of Safari in there?

Have you noticed that the iPhone doesn't work with Exchange Server? How is this going to attract the executive Treo users who can afford to carry this status symbol?

Have you noticed that you usually buy your phone from your network provider? When's the last time you bought a computer from your ISP?

Have you noticed the missing feature on iPhone's maps? You have to enter a city name to do a search. Can't it tell where you are based on the towers it's connecting to?

With all of the entrenched economics and politics, phones just don't work the way they should. They are just weird.

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