Update Controls release

If you use Update Controls, please get the latest release. In addition to changing from LGPL to the MIT license, this one supports Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 better. It also includes a new ViewModelBase class for better control of your view models.

MIT License
My goal is to improve software quality. That is best accomplished by giving people the patterns and tools to develop the best software they can. That is why Update Controls is open source. If you can see how it works, you don’t have to fear it. The MIT license supports wide adoption by placing no additional burden on the user of the library.

Visual Studio 2010
While I’ve ported the project to VS2010, the library can still be used in VS2008. It still targets .NET 3.5, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But Visual Studio has changed the way that it populates the Add Reference dialog. This new installer works better with that mechanism.

Silverlight 4
In addition to targeting Silverlight 3, the project also targets Silverlight 4. While Silverlight 4 can load assemblies built for 3, I found that that configuration was not as stable as a targeted Silverlight 4 build. Both assemblies are installed. Visual Studio chooses the correct assembly in the Add Reference dialog based on your project type.

Sometimes the wrapper gets in the way. If you are using paged collection views, data grids, or RIA services, you want the view to see the attributes on your view model. ForView.Wrap() obscures these attributes. In those situations, you can use ViewModelBase instead. Just call Get(() => ...) or GetCollection(() => ...) inside your property getters. You can put whatever logic you need to inside the lambda expression.

When Update Controls was originally created, I favored composition over inheritance. Since then, the MVVM pattern has become quite popular. Many of these new frameworks have a class called ViewModelBase that implements INotifyPropertyChanged. Since the community appears to accept giving up their base class for this purpose, I decided that Update Controls should offer that as an option. But ForView.Wrap() and the Update markup extension are still fully supported. The choice is yours.

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