Subclipse: Problem Occurred. Cannot Checkout.

Here's one for the record books.

Problem Occurred: cannot checkout

I have just tried to import a Team Project Set into Eclipse from an SVN repository using the Subclipse plugin. Checking the Console window in Eclipse, I see that the problem was an obstructed update. I already had a project directory by that name. I need to delete it first.

So the plugin already knew what the problem was. After all, it put the error message in a different window. It could have at least displayed it in the popup.

In this situation, there are two correct actions for the software:

  1. Fix the problem itself (after prompting, since this would be a destructive fix), or
  2. Tell me how to fix the problem.

Those are the only correct options, but at least displaying the error message would be a start.

Eclipse's plugin architecture may be to blame for this one. It is difficult to get different components to work together, especially if they were written by entirely different teams and integrated only on the user's desktop. Perhaps there was no easy way for the plugin to give its host enough information. Composite applications often turn into Frankenstein's Monsters. But Eclipse is usually better integrated than this.

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