Virtual network

Configuration of the SaaS virtual lab continues.

I’ll be running Windows SharePoint Services in active directory account creation mode. In this mode, the SharePoint users will have Active Directory accounts instead of Domain accounts. To do this, AD has to be running on a machine other than the one hosting SharePoint Services. So I set up a second VM called MLP-AD.

I created a domain in Active Directory called This domain is not a true entry in the DNS server. Instead, MLP-AD is running a DNS server of its own. It has an A record mapping to its own IP address. Because of these changes, MLP-AD needs a static IP address. Rather than try to convince the network admins to allocate an address for my virtual machines, I took the VMs off of the corporate network.

In VirtualBox, I created a second host interface for the second VM. But instead of bridging the host interfaces to the Local Area Connection, as I had previously, I bridged them to eachother. This creates a new Network Bridge connection, which you will find has its own IP address. The default happens to be, which works just fine for my purposes.

I’ve given each of the VMs a static IP addresses within this subnet ( and and configured them to use as a default gateway. Then I enabled internet connection sharing on the Local Area Network to give the VMs access the outside. However, since the host's connection is acting as a NAT router, the VMs aren't visible from the outside.

Now MLP-FULLSTACK uses as its DNS server, and can resolve the name This allows MLP-FULLSTACK to join the domain.

Virtual Network

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