.NET Generics

I've just launched a topic site for my upcoming .NET Generics presentation. I'll post audio and video when it's recorded, but you can get a preview of the slides and material.

If you are in Texas, please come to tomorrow's presentation at the Dallas .NET Users Group. It's at the Microsoft campus in Las Colinas, on November 8 at 6:30.

Generics are a powerful mechanism for code reuse. Most .NET developers have used generic collections, but few have used the language feature to its fullest potential. Generics let us declaratively build algorithms out of smaller components.

I'll present the syntax and some basic patters in both VB.NET and C#. All of the examples are based on practical scenarios. Complete source code is available in both languages.

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  1. Mark Leon Watson Says:

    I enjoyed the presentation and learned much more about the use of generics. Thanks!!!

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